Rules and Conditions of Elphin Show

1. Entries for general exhibits close on Friday, 25th August 2023. Horse and pony entries taken on field.

2. The Judges decision as to merit must be final. Any objection on other points is lodged before 5pm on the day of the show with the secretary, together with a fee of thirty Euros. All objections to be decided by the subcommittee and the fee returned except where the objection is considered frivolous.

3. No Second prize shall be awarded by the judge in any class in which 4 exhibits shall not appear before them. An exhibitor will not be awarded more than two first prizes with the same exhibit.

4. The Show yard will be open at 8am. All exhibits must be in before 10am. No exhibit may be removed until 4pm. Exhibitors failing to comply with this rule forfeit their prize.

5. All Exhibits must be shown under the owners name and must be the property of the exhibitor. Only one caretaker of each lot of cattle, horses and sheep will be admitted and must remain in charge of this lot during the time the show is open.

6. All Cattle must be haltered; otherwise they will not be admitted to the judging ring, except those in the unhaltered classes which will be judged in the mart pens. Untrained Gelding or Fillies must be shown in headstall or cavessons.

7. Subject to the foregoing regulation, the management of the show will be in the hands of a sub-committee who, on the event of non-attendance of judges, or in any unforeseen emergency, will make such orders and arrangements as these circumstances may appear to warrant.

8. If the sub-committee entertain a doubt as to whether anything exhibited be in accordance with the rules of the society will be competent for them to require that the exhibitor will make a declaration regarding any such declaration to be unsatisfactory (their decision to be final in all cases) such exhibitors prize if any shall lapse to the Society.

9. Horses awarded a prize shall be subject to Veterinary Examination.

10. Exhibitors are to realise that while every reasonable precaution will be taken to ensure the safety of exhibits, the committee will not accept any responsibility for loss or accidents of any kind arising out of or connected with the show.

11. No person will be allowed to enter the judging ring with the judge except the stewards of that class and those in charge of the animals. No stewards shall officiate in any class that he is an exhibitor or wear his steward’s badge showing such exhibits.

12. Should any questions arise not provided for in the foregoing conditions, the same must be referred to the subcommittee whose decision shall be final and from which there is no appeal, and entries are accepted on these conditions.

13. The ages of young cattle shall be determined according to conditions set out for different classes. These conditions will be strictly enforced and the cattle examined prior to the judging to meet the age conditions are strictly fulfilled and beasts not of proper age be removed from class.

14. Exhibitors may enter for more than one class by paying the entrance fee for such classes.

15. Return of cups: The person to whom a Cup is awarded shall give security to the Society that the Cup will be delivered to the society in as good condition as it was received, at least ten days previous to the date of the succeeding show.

16. Persons entering an exhibit and failing to send same for exhibition shall forfeit the entry fee.

17. The Show committee reserves to itself the right to cancel any part of the show. It also has the right to refuse any entry.

18. Prize Colours: 1st Red 2nd Blue 3rd Yellow

19. All cattle exhibited must have appropriate identity card where necessary.