Animal Health Status

All Animals must come from herds which are not restricted and the herd and the relevant animals must have had a clear test within the previous 12 months.
No pre-movement test is required for TB. However, it is recommended by the Department that a 30 day pre-movement test for TB should apply to all shows.
Therefore you should apply in good time to the Show Secretary to check any requirements specific to the Show you wish to attend.

All animals must come from herds, which are not restricted. All eligible animals (i.e. Female aged 12 months and over and bulls aged 12 months and over) must have passed a test for brucellosis within the previous 60 days. However, these animals may move to any number of shows within the validity period of the same 60-day pre-movement test.

Where an animal is being shown repeatedly during successive 60 days validity periods, in the course of a show season, the animal may be allowed to move on foot of Permit ER 36A during an unexpected portion of a valid test where the animal is under test for the next validity period and the identity card/passport is held by the DVO/Practitioner.

Calves must bear a double plastic tag as issued under the Departments Identification system and be accompanied by passports.

The movement of cattle to and from the show must be recorded on CMMS using form CMMS (Forms available from your local D.V.O.)
Ultimate responsibility for fulfilling this requirement lies with the Show Secretary.

Keepers Herd Number for Elphin Show is M911.

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